Photo: @ms_mad_dog

Weekends… some come and go in a blink of an eye, and that’s a good sign, right? Time flies when we’re having fun, especially when we have plenty of activities and hidden treasures on our doorstep. It’s now Autumn here in the Southern Hemisphere and the waters are getting cool (I’d say cold) – so the wetsuits made their first outing.



Photo: @harry_y


Photo: @rosieleaney

Just a stones throw away we have Cabbage Tree Bay which is a protected marine reserve and the only East-facing beach in New South Wales, so we’re toldAs a result the water is warmer than surrounding beaches and being a nature reserve there’s a wealth of life and diversity under the water. Whether you’re scuba diving or snorkelling you’ll see plenty.


Last week we heard the latest report that Cabbage Tree Bay is made up of over 200 tropical species of marine life, and includes anything from green turtles to blue gropers; dusky whaler sharks to the salmon in their sight; angel fish to giant cuttlefish; squid to devilfish; jelly fish to parrot fishwobbegong sharks to weedy seadragons and even stone fish, with plenty more in between.



Photo: @sarrisons 

One thing’s for sure, you will see something unusual, colourful and you’ll wonder what’s hiding around the corner – you’ll never be disappointed.


It’s credit to the numerous organisations and locals who work together to make sure that the natural beauty is kept preserved and….natural.


Well done to the local community.



Photo: @missamystone

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