Koh Samui is a beautiful island off the coast of Thailand and I travelled this place a few years back. The place struck a chord with the mix of backpackers enjoying busy beach-side bars, then quiet, peaceful coves and waterfalls for couples, families and adventure seekers.

Koh Samui 1Photo: @meghangrimmm

Sharing their story with us is Lyndsey who is an amazing travel blogger we have been following for recommendations for a while. Koh Samui is one of her favourite places too, and certainly shows that there’s a bargain to be had….

Koh Samui 2Photo: @gio5160

There are a lot of gorgeous beaches in Thailand that can fit into any lifestyle you would want to be. From a real serene and secluded beach, party beach, relax and wellness beach, and a semi-civilized beaches, you can find them all in Koh Samui.

Koh Samui 3Photo: @sippakonsinphai

We personally loved to be part of all those and Koh Samui have it all. We chose to be in Bo Phut where you can live quietly and still enjoy the view of the beach while we are few minutes away from the high-end party areas and close to a real pristine waters and white sand beach of Chaweng.

Koh Samui 4Photo: @lenokly

It may be tricky to find that quiet spot in Chaweng, just like how we struggled at first, but once you stay longer in the area, you’ll figure out how to sneak into the hotel and restaurants’ property alley to go through to find the paradise. We also enjoy that great local and western food is easily accessible. May it be adventure, wellness, relaxation, partying, food trip, or simply coastal living then Koh Samui is my favorite in Thailand.

5Photo: @meeramreddy

Average furnished condo rental (w/ kitchenette): $350/month (Bo Phut)
Amenities included: Gym, parking, swimming pool, WiFi, restaurant

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