Photo: @_sonoftheuniverse

Living downunder provides us with so many perks, we feel privileged to live within an earshot of the ocean waves, and the fog-horns of the Manly Ferry on the harbour side – after all, life’s better by the beach, right?

It’s easy to forget how far away from the UK we are with there no language barrier – after all you can travel a couple of hours from Brighton to France and feel like you’re the other side of the world with different languages, culture and lifestyle.

Photo: @missamystone

The difference with Australia is that with so much on offer during the day, our lives are geared around daytime – that might sound obvious, but it’s interesting. We’re up at the break of dawn and in bed early, spending as much time as possible outside and enjoying our favourite activities in between.

Get down to Manly Beach at 8am on a Saturday and you’ve had a lay in; it’s a hive of activity with surfers, body boards, fitness enthusiasts, locals swimming, visitors out for breakfast and the Surf Lifesaving Club members cooking up breakfast on the naked grill. 

Photo: @beach_and_beyond_homewares

In the UK it felt like we did the chores during the day then geared up towards a late night in town, sucking up the amber nectar in local pubs, clubs and sleeping off the hangover the next day. 

It’s not that you don’t get hangovers over here, it’s just they’re better by the beach, especially downunderA quick snorkel, surf or swim and you’ll have forgotten all about it.

So, with our new-found appreciation of sunrises, here are some magical snaps of day break we’ve managed to capture over the past few months (although it’s fair to say that the pic doesn’t do it justice)!

Photo: @missamystone


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