We’re all fans of the beach life, and preferably blissful warm weather, so a break island hopping is a great way to get away from real life.

My memorable experience was hopping from island to island around Greece, spending the days sailing between destinations on a yacht – it was a tough week.

Photo: @medsailors

Lots of you will have enjoyed a stunning break in Greece, which would have oozed sunshine, sand, culture, and great food – but there was something so perfect about picking a good-looking beach and making our own way there by boat, being at one with the sea and the gentle Mediterranean elements.

And, if you are a sucker for a sunset – you’ll be hard-pushed to find a better sunset in your life.

Photo: @will_jago

I was a rookie sailor. Granted, I was with some rather more experienced yachtsman, but the overwhelming majority of visitors we came across during the week were doing the same thing, and had very little experience.

If at any point we weren’t comfortable with the full force of the wind in our main sail or spinnaker, then we could just cruise around on the motor – it was no issue.

It was a special break and an incomparable feeling of being relaxed, away from the hustle and bustle of a city; away from the phone and computer; away from any stresses.

Worried about getting a little bored? You’ll find something to entertain yourself…

Here are some popular destinations to tick off your list:

Hydra – Arriving by boat is the most popular mode of transport for the island of Hydra as motor vehicles are not allowed, so relax and enjoy!


Photo: @micky_zorba

Zakynthos – This is Shipwreck Bay on Zakynthos which is only accessible by boat – but be warned, it does get crowded! You can see why…

Photo: @Fromgreecewithlove

Kefalonia – Moor up in Kefalonia and enjoy the local wine from Robola Winery.


Photo: @takeustogreece

Delos – The island of Delos is your cultural stop being a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Photo: @arkanablue

Symi – The island of Symi boasts a beautifully picturesque harbor on a setting of quaint, colourful houses and beaches, which you can only get to by sea.


Photo: @harisphotocom

Santorini – One of the most popular Greek islands, Santorini is magical to see from the sea or from the island’s cliff-tops. Mix of crowd here and equally enjoyed by all!


Photo: @travel_stamps

Essentials for the break: Book, music, sun screen & water! Good company optional!

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